If you are going to visit us for the first time or you're new to Faith you may have asked yourself some questions. Find out the answers to one of the most frequently asked questions:

How does your Church Service look like?

From 11am we will start with Worship and Songs of Praise. After that we will have our Sunday's Sermon. At the end we will update the congregation with Church News and collect Tithes and Offerings. After Church Service we'll have time to spend some time to hang out together and have fellowship.


Do I have to participate in singing, lifting my hands…?

Feel free, you are not forced to do any thing.
Dancing, Singing, lifting our Hands while singing or collecting the offering - all these things are just an expression of our love towards God.


Do I have to dress a certain way?

We are a big family of many different cultures. Some people dress sportive and some more chic. So really, there is no dress code, just come the way you are!


Can I come with my children?

As family church we appreciate the whole family! Every Sunday we have Children Ministry until the age of 12 - except for every 1st Sunday of the month which is our Family Church Service. 

Are there places to park?

Yes, on our site or on the streets next to our site you'll have enough places to park.

I would like to be part and work in a team, whom should I contact? 

We're glad that you would like to be part of a team at our Church! Get more information on our website concerning our different teams or speak to us at Church. You can also write us an email.

German is not my mother tongue. Will there be translation in other languages? 

During church Service we will translate into English. However, in our colorful family we have people of many nations that may speak your language such as French or Indonesian and thus may be able to help. 

I have a prayer request, can somebody pray with me?

As a family we support each other. If you are member of GZK the best thing would be to talk to one of our Leaders concerning your prayer request.