The Power of Vision

Do you see what God sees?  

I am happy to see you again this year and talk about the practical application of God's words in our life with you!   

We have finished 2016 with the topic of "gratefulness", a heart attitude that will make us recall every year that has passed with joy and at the same time we can't wait for the next years that are to come. Talking of New Year, what kind of Vision do you have for your life in 2017? I am not talking about the good old New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of each year which we put aside after some weeks. No. I am talking about VISION - the reason why you and I are motivated and full of faith when looking into 2017 or in the future. 

First of all: Why do we need a vision? Can't we simply live our life? 

The bible tells us in Proverbs 29:18 that where there is no vision, the people perish. In other words, where there is no Vision, there is no guidance, no leading, no focus, no limit and no self-control. When you do not know where you are going in life, you will probably not arrive to your destination. But people who have a vision do have guidance, leading, they are focused and exercise self-control. They know their destination and it is quite probable that they really get there. To sum it up, where there is vision, there is life!

It is important for all of us to have a Vision for our life, family, local church, ministry, job, study, school, finances, etc. Only then we will be able to fulfill God's plan in all areas of our life. We have to see the Vision in the inside before it becomes a tangible reality! 


Where do we get the Vision? Or are we just crazy? 

God has planted an eternal picture (a dream) in the heart of everyone which is bigger than all the things we can see. Yes, God gave us big dreams in every areas of our lives. Sometimes, when we get that Picture in our inner man, it may frighten us. Why? Because it is so big and overwhelming in the natural. THAT is exactly the VISION! That huge dream, that inner and living Picture. God is a vision-giver. He created us, He has a dream, a plan for everyone and He wants us to discover and fulfil it.  This means: If we want to discover the VISION for our life, we have to talk to Him and expect, that He will respond. (Jeremiah 33:3). 

What is a VISION? 

A vision is a current inward picture of a future state, which is bigger and more real to us than every visible thing around us. A vision means seeing the future before it comes to pass. When we look at its "spiritual" context , VISION is God's Hope and Expectation for us, which He has deposited as seeds in our hearts. Therefore, God speaks to us according to His vision for/in us. He sees and speaks to us with regards to this future state. He called Abraham father of many nations before Abraham had a children (Genesis 17:5). He greeted Gideon as mighty warrior before Gideon proved himself to be courageous (Judges 6:12) for “…God calls into being that which does not exist” (Romans 4:17). If you have discovered or received your VISION, then start thinking, speaking and acting according to this VISION. For it is the bridge, which will transfer you from your current state into your future.  

Write down your VISION 

You will forget a VISION if you do not write it down. We can read it clearly in Habakkuk 2:2: "Write the vision and engrave it plainly on tablets…”. Moreover, the written vision serves as a reminder and an anchor that helps us to “stay on course” when challenges, difficulties and temptations arise. God has written down His Vision for His creation in the Bible. Write your own VISION down too! If God Himself would write down His Vision, who are you to not write it down?  

Set yourself goals and run with your VISION 

When you have discovered your Vision clearly, you will need a strategy to make your Vision come into existence. The good news is that God always provides the plans, when He gives you His Vision. You will discover these plans one by one, not at the same time! Here, is where our Faith is requested - Put your trust in God and begin with actions that will lead you towards the realization of your Vision. 

Wait for the fulfillment of your VISION in God's time 

A God-given VISION will always come to pass (if you cooperate with Him). Sometimes it seems as if the Vision is late or dead. But Habakkuk encourages us by saying: “… even though it delays, wait patiently for it because it will certainly come.” (Habakkuk 2:3b). Do not panic if the vision takes a little bit longer before coming into reality because “this VISION is for the appointed -future- time…. and it will be FULFILLED” (Habakkuk 2:3a) 

When you have no vision for life you walk aimlessly and live carelessly. That should not be! 

So, stand up and discover God's vision for 2017 and for your life!